Expert Strategist to Oversee Nova Asset Management’s Development

Expert Strategist to Oversee Nova Asset Management’s Development

Bangkok, Thailand, November 2, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Patrick Basset, former Accor Regional COO, joins NOVA Asset Management to Lead Post-Covid Recovery. As countries across Southeast Asia begin to announce plans for a larger-scale opening to international guests, NOVA Asset Management is positioning itself for the anticipated surge in demand by bringing on board former Accor Southeast & Northeast Asia Chief Operating Officer, Patrick Basset, as a Senior Partner.

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“Patrick will bring a whole new set of perspectives to the table,” said Alexandre Bystrzejewski, Managing Director at NOVA. “The recovery starts now and it is essential to have someone of his experience, vision, and thoughts on board to accompany our clients throughout the entire hospitality journey. Patrick not only brings his formidable know-how with him, but also an amazing record of successful strategic thinking and strong relationships with both owners and operators which will certainly be beneficial for us and our clients.”

The architect of Accor’s success in Southeast Asia

The move represents a significant boost for NOVA, as Patrick brings more than 30 years’ experience in leading and driving growth for Accor in the region, taking a company with just 50 properties and helping to create a behemoth with more than 1,200. As the post-pandemic recovery gathers pace, this strong background makes Patrick an ideal fit to oversee development and strategy for NOVA and its clients.

“I have spent most of my professional life in big organizations and I’m excited to join NOVA Asset Management – a vibrant, established hospitality consulting platform that has a diverse and dynamic portfolio of assets under management. Not only do we share common backgrounds and culture, but we also share a common mission – that is to support and secure hotel owners’ interests during the entire development and management cycle,” said Patrick.

Frederic Garnier, Executive Vice President at NOVA is equally confident that the acquisition of Patrick’s services will allow the organization to excel in the coming months. “Having a deep understanding of the industry is crucial in making ‘right decisions’ at the ‘right time’, and this is what we do at NOVA,” he said. “By leveraging Patrick’s extensive experience, we can help clients navigate through challenges as they arise, or even better, anticipate them.”

Tourism sector set for rebound

The indications are that tourism will come back, and NOVA believes that when it does, there will be millions of travelers choosing Southeast Asia as their destination, where NOVA operates and benefits from a thorough understanding of what types of positioning and/or brands will lead to the most successful investments.

Patrick comments, “I understand the key challenges that hotel owners and investors face. Some invest for monetary reasons, while some others are in it for the legacy that they’ll leave behind. Whatever the reason, not everyone has this type of in-house experience, especially when it comes to select one of the numerous brands available on the market, to ensure it will fit the right product and the actual market demand. And I think that I have been fortunate to develop a deep and multi-faceted understanding of those markets and commercial challenges from all stakeholders’ perspectives.”

“I can’t help fix the condition of the market, but we at NOVA can help owners and developers navigate the waters. How can you get through this recovery? By using our skills and proven methods to design and implement both short term tactics and long term strategies to achieve your objectives,” Patrick elaborated.

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About NOVA Asset Management
Nova Asset Management, with offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, and Singapore, is a 360-degree Asset Management company that represents and provides expert services to its clients and partners in making strategic decisions for their real estate investments, development or re-development needs, and operations including hotels and mixed-use properties, education centers, and restaurants.

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