GreenClub and GEO Foundation Collaboration to Drive Golf Sustainability

GreenClub and GEO Foundation Collaboration to Drive Golf Sustainability

Dublin, Ireland, November 11, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Renewable energy specialists GreenClub has taken its long-term commitment to improving sustainability in the golf industry to new heights by forming a new partnership with GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf.

The exciting development will see the two organisations collaborate closely to promote sustainability across a range of different platforms and markets, commencing in the UK.

As well as driving increased awareness for sustainability through newsletters and print, digital and social media, the new collaboration will see GreenClub align their advisory services with the online OnCourse® programme for sustainable club and course management, as well as the recognition GEO provides for sustainable golf – spanning nature, resources, communities and climate action. They will also work together at a variety of events including webinars and conferences.

An international non-profit organisation, GEO Foundation is dedicated to helping accelerate sustainability and climate action in and through golf around the world, working collaboratively to help the sport embrace environmental and social issues and become widely acclaimed for its role.

Jonathan Smith, founder and executive director of GEO Foundation, said: “It is imperative that the golf industry works collaboratively to deliver innovative solutions for climate action. We are excited about GreenClub joining the growing number of partners who provide innovation and services for sustainable golf and, in particular, helping more clubs and facilities on their sustainability journey.”

Launched last autumn, GreenClub works with the golf and leisure sector to help venues to realise their sustainable goals.

London Golf Club – host of this summer’s Cazoo Classic on the European Tour – and Roganstown Hotel & Country Club in Ireland just two of the clubs to have benefitted from the consultants’ expertise, and GreenClub chief executive Liam Greasley believes the new GEO agreement will be instrumental in helping to create a number of new opportunities for the company.

He said: “Golf clubs can gain a huge amount by focusing their attention on energy – where it comes from; what they can generate themselves; how they can future proof their facility; and how they can reduce consumption, costs and emissions.

“We’d encourage clubs to embrace the specialist advisory support that we can provide and the custom-built programmes available which, together, can accelerate their progress as efficient and sustainable businesses.

“We are delighted to be working closely with GEO Foundation as a sustainable golf innovator and solution provider dovetailing services with their programmes and connecting our clients with the growing sustainable golf community.”

A principal partner of the PGA, GreenClub is committed to promoting long-term sustainability and carbon neutrality, and their objective continues to gather pace on several fronts.

As well as their consultation services to assess current and future needs of any business as they seek to reduce their carbon emissions, venues can also become generators of their own green renewable energy by utilising renewable energy options. In some cases, any surplus energy can then be sold to the local market, rather than back to the grid.

In addition, GreenClub unveiled a 10-point plan earlier this month which it is urging golf clubs and venues to adopt so that they can start their journey towards ultimately becoming ‘net zero.’ The eco-checklist covers all parts of everyday life and features a number of simple measures that not only promote a greener future but can also benefit venues financially.

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