Elewana Opens New Five-Star Luxury Tented Camps Loisaba Lodo Springs

Elewana Opens New Five-Star Luxury Tented Camps Loisaba Lodo Springs

Loisaba Conservancy (Kenya) – July 18, 2019 (travelindex.com) – Elewana Collection is proud to announce the opening of Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs in Loisaba Conservancy bringing the total number of destinations to 16 award-winning luxurious camps, lodges and boutique beach hotels in Tanzania, Zanzibar and Kenya for the luxury safari camp and lodge operator.

Set on an escarpment with impressive views that reach across the magical landscape of northern Kenya stretching out to Mount Kenya, the property expands 58,000 acres and is filled with acacia trees, succulents, mosses and evergreens native to Kenya.

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Designed by renowned architects Chris Payne and Jan Allen with landscape architecture by Jo Silvester, Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs offers an ultra-private experience with eight individual, spacious tented rooms. Each tented room has its own signature style. An eclectic mix of antique and vintage pieces, which have been hand restored in Kenya, were selected to enhance the backdrop of clean, modern architectural design. Décor includes 17th-century French walnut wardrobes, upcycled cedar fence posts used as panelling and 1950’s Americana parlour bar stools. Each tented room boasts its own colour scheme which was selected in accordance with the colourful vintage Ghanaian Kente cloth that hangs above the master bed.

Service is paramount, with every tent assigned an Elewana Guest Ambassador to serve and cater to every guests’ need, as well as a dedicated safari vehicle and driver and a highly qualified Elewana field guide who will accompany guests for the duration of their stay. Guests may enjoy an array of activities during their sojourn including game drives, bush meals, bush walks, bush sundowners, horse and camel riding for experienced riders, as well as access to the Loisaba Running & Trekking Track, designed to give each guest a customizable workout with three different routes.

The new high-end tented property will complement the existing product located in Loisaba Conservancy including Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp and the Elewana Loisaba Star Beds. The announcement underpins Elewana Collection’s dedication to conservation in Northern Kenya and its position as one of the largest sustainable tourism operators in East Africa.

Karim Wissanji, CEO of Elewana Collection, speaks passionately of Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs, “Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs is a different kind of bespoke safari experience – it has been created to speak to the discerning well-seasoned high-end traveller who has come to expect responsible conservation practices without forgoing luxury and privacy. Beyond this, the opening of Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs is a demonstration of Elewana’s commitment to sustainable conservation across East Africa.”

The opening of Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs is a testament of the success of the 58,000 acres Loisaba Conservancy, enabled by The Nature Conservancy funding the transition of the Conservancy to the Loisaba Community Trust in 2015. The transition secured the land to ensure that the Conservancy delivers vital benefits and support for neighbouring communities, the wildlife, and all Kenyans for the foreseeable future, achieving optimal standards of sustainable conservation. It also ensured Loisaba’s role as a critical sanctuary and corridor for elephants and other wildlife long into the future, as well as providing refuge for one of Kenya’s most stable lion populations and an abundance of other wildlife including Grevy’s zebra, wild dog, leopard and cheetah.

Most recently, San Diego Zoo Global remote cameras in Laikipia spotted elusive black panthers, as well as a black panther mother and her cubs. These new findings help researchers based on Loisaba to understand denning habitats in the area, vital information in the protection of the next generation of leopard. The research also indicates that black leopards are breeding on Mpala, an exciting discovery for all, including guests visiting this area who may have the chance to experience a rare sighting of the mysterious animal during their stay.

Matthew Brown, Africa Director for The Nature Conservancy says: “The vibrant grasslands of northern Kenya are home to elephant, zebra, giraffe, lions and local livestock herders. The Nature Conservancy, Elewana and Loisaba Conservancy have partnered to create Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs, the newest and most exciting tourism experience that will generate local jobs and help contribute to critical wildlife and habitat protection. Personally, I find it really exciting that every visitor will be contributing to global species conservation and local livelihoods.”

“Loisaba sits on a vital Elephant Corridor connecting the famous Laikipia Plateau, home to several critically endangered large Mammals and breath-taking landscapes, to Mount Kenya and the Aberdares Range in the south and down into Kenya’s Northern Rangelands. Tourism revenues form an integral part of protecting this globally significant landscape,” says Tom Silvester, CEO of Loisaba Conservancy, “We are delighted that our partnership with Elewana Collection has enabled us to invest in Lodo Springs where every guest who stays will contribute to securing Loisaba’s future.”

About Elewana Collection
Elewana Collection, named for the Swahili word meaning “harmony,” is comprised of 16 boutique lodges, camps and hotels in iconic locations across Kenya and Tanzania, each of which has been carefully selected for its unique accommodation and iconic location to provide unparalleled African wildlife-viewing and beach holiday opportunities, with an emphasis on style, comfort and conservation. Elewana Collection crafts memorable African safari experiences that offer the highest quality of luxury and comfort, embodying the balance between people, wildlife and environment that are today’s sophisticated travellers have come to expect.

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